I’m worried about all of your muscles! So surprise bento check!

he’s all i have left

Naru being adorable ✿: 2/2

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because in order for the sun to rise, the moon has to fall first.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou 10 "Fuyu no Soko" (冬の底) 

The Depths of Winter

Oh well, it’s spring. 

「 青い花 // Aoi Hana 」

When I saw how serious he was about learning to swim,
I seriously wanted to help him get there, too.

Noragami OAD 2

But, I’m different now. I get the sense that if I swam the relay with you, I’d understand something. I don’t know myself what that something is, but I want to try to find it. Is that not enough?