taiketsu: "Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (not back to me, i did it already). thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity! (◠‿◠✿)"

wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so sweet!!
ok here i go!

  1. I love my eyes! I have heterochromia (different color eyes) it’s just a little, but the fact that i have both, green and blue eyes, is awesome!!
  2. I’m really nice with everyone. Sometimes my best friend even says i get to be false or hypocrite bc i’m sweet to people i don’t even like. But well, the thing is, she never saw me hating anyone. And trust me, when i hate people, my moe side goes straight to hell!
  3. Design and stuff. Honestly, i was born for this! I love designing things, (web design is my thing!) and i can even make money from it! ~ps: I AM!!!!~ And it’s even in my blood! Like, there are 3 generations in my family that strongly connect with drawing, typography, and some other very very old design techniques!! haha
  4. I'm self-taught! I learn everything VERY QUICKLY! Even more if i’m interested at it! I learned English and Japanese all by myself, also stuff like programming, photoshop and other computer stuff. I never took any classes, only taking time and searching everything i could! ok everyone does that, but idk, i’m proud of my easiness to learn!
  5. Responsibility. Ok don’t think i’m stupid, but yes! I hella responsible. Even more than my parents, sometimes… ¬¬ Even more when the subject is money! I don’t spend money so easily. Actually, i hate spending money when there’s no necessity of it! My parents spend so much money with things that are not even needed at home… UGH it pisses me off! —’

sorry for being such a baka!! (/////////-/////////) these are the 5 things i like about myself!!

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Me (in the right) and random—poop trying wigs for our Super Dangan Ronpa 2 cosplays!!

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Suzume and ShishioHirunaka no Ryuusei.
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